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This Astros fan hit the batting cages dressed in a full tequila sunrise suit

Not all fans have the luxury of dressing up in their team's gear when attending a baseball game. After all, for many fans, it's a bee line from the office to the ballpark with little time to spare, especially to change clothes.
But what if your business attire could double as your gameday best? One Astros fan seems to have discovered this innovative life hack and took his tequila sunrise Astros suit into the batting cage at Comerica Park when his team visited the Tigers. The socks really tie together the business and baseball functionality of the outfit:

You'd think a full suit would impact the fluidity of his swing or hamper his range of motion, but no. After getting a feel for the cages, this fashionable fan roped a line drive that, had it occurred on a field, would have gone over the outstretched glove of a leaping shortstop.
Thanks to this fan for showing that there's no good reason not to show up to the park dressed to support your team.