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The Astros and Mariners turned the clock back to the '70s and the uniforms were outstanding

Plenty of Major League teams hold Turn Back the Clock promotions. Not too many teams commit as fully to turning back said clock -- or look as dashing doing it -- as the Astros and Mariners did on Friday night. First, the uniforms: the powder blue 1979 road jerseys for Seattle ...

... and the iconic tequila sunrise look for Houston.

The Mariners' Twitter account was more than willing to play along:

Of course, this was not the most historically accurate time machine: The Mariners and Astros were in different leagues back in 1979, nearly two decades before the advent of Interleague play. Still, Minute Maid Park looked the part:

And last but not least, what would an homage to '70s baseball be without a big, burly mustache?

Are you sure we have to go back to the future?