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Our 75 favorite baseball uniforms of the 2018 season, ranked

Obsessing over uniforms is an important part of baseball fandom. After all, we may not be able to understand what it's like to play 162 games a year or know how to hit a curveball, but we know how to put on clothes.
But, if clothes make the man as the saying goes, then the uniform becomes even more important. So, in attempt to quantify the unquantifiable, I have ranked the top 75 uniforms in the Major Leagues.
What's the rubric? While we are mostly just ranking the jersey, we are taking a holistic view of the uniforms as a whole. As for the rules, we are only looking at day-to-day uniforms -- so no speciality Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day jerseys or throwbacks.
Basically, I went through the team style guides and if they call the uniform a home, road or alternate (and some have several alternates), it's up for selection.