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A bunch of Astros fans wore Devo hats in support of pitcher Chris 'Devo' Devenski

Since making his debut last season, Chris Devenski has established himself as a vital piece of the Astros' pitching staff -- posting a 2.28 ERA with 158 strikeouts over 72 appearances, including five starts. And, in accordance with the laws decreed by the Baseball Gods, it was only a matter of time before that level of production was rewarded with a nickname. 

The first option was "The Dragon," inspired by advice Devenski received during a mound meeting from his Double-A manager back in 2015. That didn't quite stick, though, and eventually a new contender emerged: Devo, a play on Devenski's last name and Twitter handle and an homage to the pinnacle of new wave rock.

Houston fans quickly embraced the moniker, and during Sunday's 6-1 loss to the Rangers, it even spread to Minute Maid Park:


Alas, we checked, MLB rules do forbid pitchers from wearing energy domes on the mound.