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Being off-balance and facing away from the plate aren't obstacles for George Springer and his arm

When he's not throwing footballs around the infield clad in a giant dinosaur costume, crushing obscenely deep homers or exhibiting some genuine shock after strikeouts, George Springer is a bit of a defensive wizard.
The Astros' outfielder was at it again in Wednesday's 4-1 victory over the Cardinals. Pursuing a bloop single by Jhonny Peralta, Springer ranged over toward the right-field line with his back to the plate and Stephen Piscotty attempting to score from second base.
But no, Piscotty would not be plating that run at this time -- not with Springer about to bust out a combination spin move and absolute frozen rope throw to Jason Castro to nab the Cardinals outfielder:

Be cautious out there if George Springer is on watch, baserunners.