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Astros mascot Orbit sat on the Iron Throne for 'Game of Thrones' Night -- with a coffee cup in his hand

Tuesday was "Game of Thrones" night at Minute Maid Park, where the Astros continued their series with the Royals.

Speaking of royals, it seems that Orbit, the Astros' shenanigans-powered mascot, is now the king and undisputed leader of the Seven Kingdoms. This is canon:

Notice that Orbit is, indeed, holding a coffee cup in that photo. Was it a mistake? Was it supposed to be there? I'm not entirely sure either way, but I hope this sparks a week of breathless online debate.

Also, Orbit may have actually inspired others to mount an opposing threat to his newfound Iron Throne, as catcher Robinson Chirinos also took a seat on his own:

I fear this is a battle that won't soon find an end ...