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An Athletics fan lost his phone in Oakland, only to have it returned to him by Rickey Henderson

After losing his phone at some point during his trip to the Oakland Raiders game on Sunday, Athletics fan Anthony Herrera asked his sister to call it in the hopes that someone might have recovered it and would return it to them. The friendly man on the other end of the phone agreed to meet up nearby and told the duo of A's supporters that his name was Rickey.
At first, they were incredulous. But a few minutes later, as ABC 7 reports ...
"All of a sudden this car comes up, a black escalade. A fancy, fancy car and I was like, oh my god it's really him! And we just started like, oh my goodness!"
Yes, it really was Athletics legend Rickey Henderson.

Henderson was at the Raiders game to light the Al Davis Memorial Torch and just so happened to stumble upon Herrera's phone. It was sort of cosmic -- a superfan's phone winding up in the hands of his favorite player: "He was like my idol growing up. I played baseball and everybody wants to steal bases and be like Rickey."
Yes, we should all be like Rickey and steal bases, not phones.