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Avisail Garcia crushed the longest home run of the season and it nearly ended up in a hotel room

When you stay in a hotel room, you expect a certain level of privacy. Sure, the kids in the room above you may be jumping up and down in vacation-induced joy all night, but, thanks to that "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the door, at least no one is going to barge in.
On Tuesday night, White Sox right fielder Avisaíl García visited the Blue Jays and nearly shattered that assumption of privacy when he sent a 481-foot home run that came just inches away from potentially disturbing some guests at the Rogers Centre hotel:

Clearly, that dinger went a long way. It went so far that it was both the longest homer of the young 2018 season and the longest White Sox home run since 2015.

White Sox manager Rick Renteria summed it up well. "Anybody who is a fan of baseball must have been impressed by that," he told's Keegan Matheson.
Next time Garcia's in town, Rogers Centre guests would do well to affix their "Do Not Disturb" signs to their windows, just to be safe.