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This little Reds fan refused to throw out the first pitch unless it was from the mound

The ceremonial first pitch can be a nerve-wracking time for a person. What if they don't get it over the plate? What if they slip? What if it bounces? What if I become the next 50 Cent-inspired pitch? It's a lot of pressure. Often times, they take the more safe approach and throw out the pitch from in front of the mound. But not this little Reds fan -- he wanted the full experience.
Prior to the Reds' 6-3 win over the Cubs on Friday, a ceremonial first pitch was thrown by a very determined little boy. You see, at first, Nolan, decked out in a Reds uniform, was prompted to throw the ball in front of the mound. But no, he wanted to move farther back:

But that wasn't far enough, he continued to point to the mound. He wanted to get the real feel of what it was like to be a Major League pitcher. So he did just that:

Hey, if you're going to throw in front of a big league crowd, you better be able to toss it from the rubber.
What a stud. Adjust your fantasy teams accordingly.