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Mike Trout surprised a young Angels fan, and it will leave a permanent smile on your face

Mike Trout has a presence not many can duplicate. When he is around, you stop what you are doing and give your full attention to him. Sometimes, however, his appearance is unexpected, and the result is something wonderful.
A young kid was recently sitting in the Angels dugout when the two-time American League MVP walked casually towards him and gave him a high-five. Sure, we all knew Trout would be at Angel Stadium, but this was something extra special. Just look at the fan's reaction:

Trout signed a ball for Ethan Machaell, who won the experience through a social media contest, and it's obvious he was still in shock. The outfielder also threw in a photo opportunity and a bat -- the disbelief and happiness from a fan who will never forget this moment were the cherries on top. 
Talk about making someone's day.