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Stop what you are doing and listen to Joey Votto talk about hitting and give young hitters advice

When Joey Votto speaks, you stop what you are doing and you listen.
During MLB Network's "30 Clubs in 30 Days," the Reds first baseman talked about hitting. It seemed simple enough, but he had a message for younger athletes in the baseball and softball world:

"The best hitters can do everything," he said. "The best hitter in the game is Mike Trout -- if you ask him to do anything, he can do it."
Eric Byrnes somewhat complied with the statement, but as much as he likes Trout, he couldn't help but call Votto the best hitter in the game.
"It's just not true," Votto said modestly as he smiled.
When it was Greg Amsinger's turn to pick his brain, he was curious to know why Votto cared about strikeouts so much.

"I occasionally set a goal, and last year I wanted to hit like .350 or .370 -- and the math said you have to strike out a good bit less," explained Votto. "And so, [I thought], 'Let me give this a go' -- a few years ago I tried to get on base half the time and it was kind of the same thing -- I had to make a few changes. I came up short on both of those goals, but I did OK."
He sure did. Votto had a league-leading .454 on-base percentage last season with a 1.032 OPS. 
The five-time All-Star also acknowledged some of the changes he has made over time since his debut in 2007: One of those adjustments was choking up on the bat:

Once again, he did OK.
We can dissect every minute detail Votto went over in his interviews, but it wouldn't do it justice. Click the clip above to listen to him talk about his hitting and the upcoming season for the Reds in its entirety.
You're welcome in advance.