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Unlike most players, Joey Votto spent his offseason trying to 'get fatter'

There is no one quite like Joey Votto. While other players chase pitches out of the zone, Votto watches them float right by. While other players give baseballs to fans, Votto teases them. And when other players report to camp in the best shape of their lives, Votto shows up fatter. And he's proud of it, too. 
"I tried to get fatter," Votto told reporters when he arrived for his physical on Sunday. "I succeeded at that apparently. We did all the testing, and I am fatter. I just wanted to take as much time away as I could and relax and really unwind. I felt like I needed it. Hopefully it pays off."
While Votto is already known for his trademark tapered pants, we're guessing that those will be just a bit more snug the first few weeks of Spring Training. But hey: Isn't that refreshing? At least one ballplayer spent his winter the way the rest of us did: Hiding inside and sneaking bonbons. 
Sadly, the now-beefier Votto is no longer teammates with reliever Jumbo Díaz , otherwise we could have had a Spring Training battle for which player truly deserves the nickname. Now we'll never know.