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These 10 baseball players have uncanny doppelgangers in old artwork

"Surely there was a person who looked just like me in a famous work of art from hundreds of years ago" is a common thought shared by many people as they lay in bed. Until recently, that was the best we could hope for -- just thoughts. Then Google updated their Arts and Culture app and suddenly, the truth was revealed. Everyone on the internet wanted to see who their artistic doppelganger was.

Naturally, we decided to look at 10 baseball players and find their pictorial likeness. Sadly, the app didn't work with logos like the Pirates' 1970s buccaneer or mascots, so we'll never know which Picasso piece the Phanatic most resembles.
Move over the Louvre, this is all the art you need: 
Hunter Pence and "Self Portrait with Yellow Hat" by Hans von Marees

Yes, Pence is the Man in the Yellow Hat from the Curious George stories. 
Justin Turner and "Portrait of Henry, Prince of Orange" by Jacob Lyon

Well, the "Prince of Orange" part is right if nothing else. 
Joey Votto and "Martin Baum" by Nathan Wheeler

Just look at that eyebrow similarity. That's one heck of an algorithm, Google. 
Rich Hill and "Portrait of Dionisio Pinheiro" by Ricardo Navarro Poves 

Alternate title: "Death of a Salesman." 
Andrew McCutchen and "ASpire: No Limits" by Ernel Martinez

A smile bright enough to light an entire block. 
Marcus Stroman and "Urban Totems 6" by Masimba Hwati

Is this a look we should expect from Stroman next year? 
Carlos Martínez and "Tengku 1" by Low Kway Song

Would anyone really be surprised if Martinez styled his hair like a golden cap? 
Kris Bryant and "Head of a Gentleman" by Joseph Ducreux

We always knew Bryant was a Victorian aristocrat. We just didn't have proof. 
Clayton Kershaw and "Self-portrait with Straw Hat" by Vincent van Gogh 

Sadly, Vin Scully never called Kershaw, the "van Gogh of pitchers." 
Corey Kluber and "Portret van de beeldhouwer Pier Pander" by Thomas Cool

I can only hope that Kluber's alias is "Thomas Cool."