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The photo of the night was this little Blue Jays fan staring intently at a beer

Extra innings are no time to leave a baseball game. The competition is at its best, tension is rising higher and nerves are getting frayed. Even families with little ones are tempted to hang around to see its conclusion.

That was the case as the Blue Jays and Angels squared off in the 10th inning at Rogers Centre on Thursday. One fan had smartly preserved a beer until this occasion. The only problem was that their little guy was eyeing the beverage as well.

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We’re gonna need to see some ID young man.

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Maybe in a few years, buddy. Probably more than a few years.

Thankfully for the family, the Blue Jays walked it off in the bottom of the frame on a homer by Billy McKinney. In my mind, this kiddo was allowed to celebrate with some juice instead.