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Braves and Cubs fans came together to build an impressive pyramid of beer cans 

Nothing brings people together quite like a common goal. That's why so many team-building activities involve throwing a group of complete strangers into a project that requires their collective contributions. The promise of a successful product can unite people who don't even know each other.

It turns out that such projects can even bring together opposing groups. During the ninth inning of the Braves' 8-0 win over the Cubs on Monday, fans of both teams united to work on a very impressive construction project.

Together, Cubs and Braves faithful assembled 44 of 45 cans of a base-9 pyramid. While the results on the field skewed heavily in favor of the Braves, it was nice to see fans put aside their allegiances to come together in the name of progress -- and add some drama to an otherwise drama-free ending.