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I hate Star Wars but Baby Yoda is the cutest thing I've ever seen

Oh, hello there.

The Mandalorian, the 777th movie/show about Star Wars in the last year -- that might exist in a world 20 years before the first three movies about Star Wars or 100 years after the fourth three -- is now streaming on a service somewhere.

I haven't watched it. I don't know what it's about. I saw a Star Wars movie once in middle school because my friends wanted to see it and I thought they'd like me more if I went with them.

I honestly don't care about Star Wars. I don't like it.

With that being said, I don't think I've cared for or liked something more than tiny little Baby Yoda.

Look at that child. Its giant eyes. Its floppy little ears. Its smile. It's even cute when it's hunting slimy frogs.

Apparently, Baby Yoda might not be related to regular Yoda and is somehow 50 years old. But again, I don't really care about specifics. I just want more internet GIFs and photos of Baby Yoda. I want a camera constantly on Baby Yoda. I don't want to really understand Baby Yoda, I just want to see Baby Yoda. I want to open up my apartment door one day and look out to see nobody, but then, look down to see Baby Yoda motioning me to pick him up and carry him inside away from this cruel, cruel world.

I would also like Baby Yoda to become an official MLB mascot. I'm not sure if it would be an actual baby dressed up like Baby Yoda rolling around the field or an adult in a Baby Yoda costume. I just think there's a strong Star Wars-baseball connection already and there are teams without official mascots.

The Yankees probably wouldn't work since they're called the Evil Empire, the Dodgers don't really feel like the right team, but the Angels -- the Angels might be perfect. They had a similarly cute little mascot years ago and, well, have you ever seen anything more angelic?

The team is also basically located in Disneyland, where all the Star Wars magic happens. Baby Yoda can go see its friends if it needs to.

Everyone will benefit. There are no downsides or issues. This is the most important thing we need to all do right now.