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Bartolo Colon unveiled a dramatic new tattoo that takes up basically his entire left arm

Even at the advanced age of 45, Bartolo Colon finds new ways to reinvent himself.
No, he didn't add a pitch to his repertoire of almost-entirely-fastballs-located-anywhere-in-and-around-the-zone, nor did he announce he'll come back as a position player next season (though could you even imagine?). 
What Colon showed the world in the eighth inning of the Rangers' 13-0 loss to the Mariners on Saturday at Globe Life Park is bigger than that. Literally. Colon apparently has a new tattoo taking up essentially his entire left arm that depicts an angel-like being doing battle with what definitely looks like the devil. 

Specifically, that scene depicts a battle between St. Michael the Archangel and the devil, and it looks fantastic.
"It is St. Michael. I wanted to get it years ago," Colon explained after the game. "This year I made the decision to get it, but it was too hot. Then it got cooler, so I had it done on the off-day," meaning the Rangers' off-day this past Thursday. 
Congrats on the new body art, Bartolo. It's epic.