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Bartolo Colon outran Dee Gordon to make an out at first base -- seriously

More and more, we are realizing Bartolo Colon can do it all. He can hit a ball over the fence, he can toss near-perfect gems and master the defensive side of the ball as well. Now, we must highlight his speed. Yes -- Big Sexy showed he has the skills to beat out the quickness of Dee Gordon.
You read that correctly. In the top of the fifth of the Mariners' 9-7 win over the Rangers on Saturday night, Gordon hit a grounder toward Ronald Guzmán. The first baseman tossed it to Colon, who made his way over to first and got him out:

Gordon, who led the league in stolen bases last season, could not quite reach the bag in time -- and Colon was pretty happy about it.
Colon, you keep amazing us. 
Now you have to compete against The Freeze -- those are the rules.