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The best reactions from Mike Trout and other MLBers during the Eagles' 41-33 Super Bowl win

The Eagles narrowly defeated the Patriots, 41-33, in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Reactions were aplenty on social media, including many from some of your favorite baseball stars. Here are some of our favorites below:
Shane Victorino did a little #Humblebragging before the game began -- even if he didn't take a side: 

Mike Trout's Dad got trapped in a dog's body. Oh, sorry, he was actually wearing the Eagles' underdog mask:

Dave Winfield collected snow: 

Hunter Pence was generically very excited: 

David Ortiz did ... well, I don't even know how to explain this one:

Trout made himself comfortable in his seat before kickoff:

Jose Ramirez was hoping for a Game 2:

And new Minnesota Twin Fernando Rodney acted like Fernando Rodney when he attended the game:

Adam Wainwright wished his best to Tom Brady:

Anthony Bass congratulated the Eagles:

And Archie Bradley offered his congrats as well with a special message to the D-backs:

Eagles superfan Mike Trout was very into the end of the game with a bunch of "Ertz" tweets and then this:

And it appears the Angels now want a championship of their own: