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Mike Trout will wear his lucky dog mask during the Super Bowl, even if he watches from home

The Eagles topped the Vikings, 38-7, in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, moving on to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2004. And who was in the front row to cheer on his favorite team? Mike Trout, in a rubber dog mask:

The dog mask has become a rallying cry for Philly during their playoff run, during which they've been considered underdogs (get it?) after a season-ending injury to starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Sadly, Trout didn't just have that guy lying around -- he got it from Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson last week.
So, will he wear it during the big game on Feb. 4? After watching it work its magic last week, of course he will ... even if he's watching the game at home with his family. Trout's not sure yet whether he's going to the Super Bowl, but either way, the mask stays. "Same one, gotta ride with it," he said in a conference call on Tuesday. (Hopefully he'll wash it out at some point before then.)
Also, because we know you're wondering: Yes, Trout did see that video of the Eagles fan running into a pole on a train platform, and yes, he thought it was "hilarious."

As for his game prediction: Eagles 31-24, naturally.