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The D-backs' Cody Decker gave Irish wrestler Becky Lynch a baseball quiz before the Royal Rumble

The Diamondbacks have some special guests in town for the weekend. WWE's Royal Rumble is coming to Chase Field on Sunday, and there's no doubt that the team is ready.

D-backs Minor Leaguer Cody Decker happens to be a pretty big fan, so he was more than happy to stop by the festivities on Saturday afternoon to serve as Chase Field's WWE correspondent and interview superstars like Lana and Carmella.
One of the more entertaining parts of the day came when Decker got to swap jerseys and chat with Becky Lynch about his own sport. Lynch is from Ireland, where baseball is not nearly as popular (though she's happy to talk about rounders), so Decker quizzed her on the meaning of some baseball terms:

Lynch nailed the roundtripper question, and her Baltimore chop guess was as well-reasoned as anyone could possibly expect. Decker didn't even know what it was, and frankly, it would be amazing to see Lynch's proposed definition play out in person.
Regardless, the interview turned out better than Decker's attempt to get some positive vibes about his hitting from Gallows and Anderson.

Ouch. Maybe Decker can have another Royal Rumble Burger to soothe the wounds.