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Watch Kyle Seager try (and fail) at a hair flip in the latest Mariners commercial

Every day, we come face-to-face with our own physical limits. Whether it's reaching that box of cookies on the top shelf, dunking a basketball or understanding James Joyce's Ulysses, there are just some things we can't do no matter how much or intently we try.
Surely, professional athletes encounter these situations less frequently than the rest of us, but, in this new Mariners commercial, All-Star third baseman -- and Corey's brother -- Kyle Seager found that executing a hair flip was simply beyond his capabilities:

To add insult to injury, Ben Gamel was on hand and showed Seager the most majestic hair flip of 2018:

The lesson: Seager will have to put that razor away for a couple of months and let those locks grow free if he's ever going to rival his teammate's hair-flipping prowess.