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Ben Zobrist just barely missed a homer in the rain, but he corrected course on his next swing

The conditions were not great for the Cubs during their 5-1 win over the Mets on Thursday at Citi Field. It was 67 degrees and cloudy at first pitch and only got worse from there when the skies opened up.
The rain made hitting the baseball even harder, so it wasn't a surprise that the two teams were scoreless in the top of the fifth. Ben Zobrist had an opportunity with Kyle Schwarber in scoring position and two outs. He shook off the raindrops and launched a pitch from Hansel Robles to the upper deck down the right-field line .... just foul by a few seats.
That might discourage some players, but Zobrist didn't win a World Series MVP by getting down on himself. After taking a ball, he crushed the next Robles offering over the right-center-field wall for a game-breaking, two-run blast.
The side-by-side GIF merely makes it more satisfying:

The pitches were quite similar, too. The foul swing came on a middle-in 93.9-mph fastball, and the homer was off a 95.9-mph fastball in the heart of the plate.
Robles straightened out the fastball, so Zobrist obliged by straightening out his swing. Easy as that.