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Andrew Benintendi may have fooled Troy Tulowitzki with one of the strangest dekes

In the top of the 13th inning, Troy Tulowitzki hit a high-arcing shot that bounced off the top of the Monster during the Red Sox's 5-4 win over the Blue Jays. Most times, barring the loss of a leg or an attack by a swarm of bees mid-play, the batter would be standing on second base. But, despite having possession of all his limbs and no swarm of pests, Tulowitzki would not wind up on second base. 
So, what happened? Would you believe a deke -- that magical baseball play of trickery and subterfuge? And the answer is a definite ... maybe. For this deke wasn't the kind of carefully preplanned performance that Ender Inciarte has elevated into high art. Rather, Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi seemed to be sparked by the mad idea only after the ball had already crested over his head and was rolling back to the infield: 

Which just goes to show every outfielder: You may as well try something weird, because sometimes it might just work.