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The very best pitches (and pitch faces) from Rich Hill's nearly perfect game

Rich Hill made baseball history with his brilliance on the mound against the Pirates on Wednesday night. It just wasn't quite the kind he was hoping for. 
For nine innings, the Dodgers lefty was untouchable, striking out 10 and surrendering no hits or walks -- a ninth-inning error by Logan Forsythe was his only blemish. There was only one problem: L.A. couldn't provide him with any runs. And when Hill came out for the 10th to try to keep both his no-hitter and a 0-0 tie intact, Josh Harrison greeted him like this:

Still, the only thing standing between Hill and baseball immortality was a little run support, so his effort is worth celebrating -- both the pitches he threw and, in keeping with the tradition, the pitch faces he made along the way.
Bottom 1, Starling Marte:
Hill relied on just his fastball and curveball all night -- but when your curve moves like this, you don't need much else:

The secret to Hill's hammer? Looking like a pirate, apparently:

Bottom 5, Sean Rodríguez:
Have we mentioned that Rich Hill has a great curveball? Rich Hill has a great curveball:

Of course, he also has a great "staring into the solar eclipse without the proper eyewear" face:

Bottom 6, Trevor Williams:
Granted, Williams was the opposing pitcher, but still -- good luck catching up to this:

Especially with this face staring back at you:

Bottom 7, Starling Marte
Marte just could not catch a break:

And one more, just for good measure: