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Enthusiastic Cubs fan Bill Murray was stoked about Javier Baez's decisive NLDS Game 1 homer

Bill Murray has been many things over the course of his career, changing characters and personalities along the way to stealing our hearts and creating our fondest cinematic memories.
One thing the Wilmette, Ill., native has been rather consistently through the years is a dedicated fan of the Chicago Cubs, so it's without much surprise that he was spotted at Wrigley Field for Friday night's National League Division Series-opening showdown with the Giants. 
In the eighth, with the two teams still knotted in a scoreless tie, Javier Báez was up against Johnny Cueto. As the at-bat progressed, Murray and his fellow fans rose to their feet, hoping for some magic: 

And that's precisely when Baez connected on a Johnny Cueto pitch and did ... this, effectively sealing the Cubs' 1-0 victory:

This is the reaction of a man who rose to his feet with his fellow fans, asking for something big to happen -- and seeing it come true: 

There you have it -- definitive proof that cheering vigorously leads to good things (if you're Bill Murray, at least. Who knows?)
Murray, who seems to always know just what the universe wants from him, was seen earlier in the game wearing a pretty perfect shirt, too: 

Nice goat tee, Bill.
Game 2 is set for Saturday at 8 p.m. ET. Will Bill show up again? Tune in to MLB Network to find out.