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This is Billy from The Yes League, and he just hit the best home run ever

Kristine Squitieri Fitzpatrick / Facebook

Are you ready to see the "best home run ever?" Well, you're about to thanks to a young man named Billy.

Billy plays in the "The League of Yes," which is a baseball program for individuals of all ages with disabilities. According to its website, the league helps the players "develop social skills and increase self-esteem, while promoting community support." Billy, who has Down syndrome, smacked a home run recently and followed it up with a trot around the bases and some awesome dance moves. He had some friends (program volunteers) assist him in the run, and they greeted him with a home run tunnel before he touched home plate -- and the volunteers participated with a fun move of their own:

video via Kristine Squitieri Fitzpatrick / Facebook

Billy's story and homer became viral, and deservedly so. Kristine Fitzpatrick, of Long Island, who started the program, wanted to create a place of acceptance.

"We hope that this shows that you can be friends with a child with special needs and to understand that they are just kids, too," Fitzpatrick told WBNS-10TV in Columbus, Ohio, during an interview. "We want to break that barrier of acceptance."

This was awesome.