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Gaze into Blake Snell's staring eyes and maybe you'll become an elite pitcher, too

Rays lefty Blake Snell is more than just a guy with a great personality and a killer sneaker collection. The reigning AL Cy Young Award winner's also a key reason the Rays are a serious postseason threat this season.

He also might have a solid career in comedy once his playing days are done. During the Rays' 4-0 win over the Tigers on Wednesday, Snell's eyes caught the focus of a television camera and some great improvisational entertainment ensued:

Is there such a thing as learning how to pitch via osmosis? I hope so, because if it were possible to obtain skills like Snell's just by staring into his eyes, it'd be awesome.

This is also an opportunity to make a "'Zoolander" reference, for those who'd appreciate it. So here goes: