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Blake Swihart missed catching this foul popup and the baseball mocked him for it

Josh Donaldson fouled off a pitch sky high in Saturday's Red Sox-Blue Jays game, and the baseball took the opportunity to taunt Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart.
Baseball, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift: Why you gotta be so mean?
It's bad enough that Swihart tried -- really tried -- to nab Donaldson on a foul popup and missed the catch. But then you had to go and bounce off the field right into his face, to remind him that he definitely didn't make the out?

Even Donaldson knew you were being totally not chill. This is called kicking a man while he's down. If you, baseball, had any decency at all, you'd apologize to Swihart next time you see him.
It's almost worse that your cruelty was futile. Donaldson ended up striking out and the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays, 8-4. And is it a coincidence that Swihart singled in the very next inning? No, it is not. You had it coming, baseball.