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It's time to give the Blue Jays their own travel show, because their road trips seem delightful

This week, the Blue Jays touched down in the Big Apple (not, as some have claimed, the Big Tomato), for a series against the Yankees. Now, baseball players travel a lot, but we still think the Blue Jays deserve their own "Parts Unknown"-style show. Mostly because we'd love to see them take a head of state out for dinner, but also because they seem to be genuinely enjoying their trip.

Just ask Marcus Stroman, who's been enjoying both the weather and the city's top-notch cultural institutions:

But if you really want to experience the city like a real New Yorker, hang out with Joe Biagini for the day. OK, maybe he's not quite a New Yorker, but his tastes run off the beaten path. While everyone else in the city is lining up for "Hamilton," Biagini is taking dates to the musical version of "American Psycho." In an interview with Sportsnet, he described the performance as "charged."

OK, we may have misled you a bit, because this interview is mostly about pants and not Broadway theater, but Biagini also mentions that the Blue Jays like to talk about butterflies and flowers to relieve stress. So, aren't you glad you listened?