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Jimmy Fallon invited Joe Biagini back to 'The Tonight Show' to make up a botched high five

Anybody that attends a taping of "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon at his NBC studio in New York has an opportunity to receive a high five from Fallon when he jogs out into the crowd at the beginning of each episode. 
This offer is extended to everybody except Blue Jays' reliever Joe Biagini, who attended a recent taping with a choice aisle seat and was the recipient of a totally botched high five attempt from Fallon -- which led to the events of Friday night's taping.
During his monologue, Fallon noted that folks had been hounding him on social media about the failed hand-slap for a few days now, so after discovering the man in question was, in fact, Biagini, Fallon invited him back for a high five to remember: 

Biagini's star turn on late-night TV impressed one Marcus Stroman, too: