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Rest in peace Super Dave, who once faced Dwight Gooden blindfolded

(Chesterton, Eric)

Comedy writer and actor Bob Einstein passed away Wednesday afternoon at the age of 76. He was best known for playing Marty Funkhauser in "Curb Your Enthusiasm." In that role, he once attended a game at Dodger Stadium, where he bought two lower-level seats -- but only intended for one to be occupied.

(Strangely enough, that episode also played a role in establishing an alibi that saved a wrongfully accused murderer from death row.)
Before his days on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Einstein created hapless stuntman Super Dave Osborne, which earned him frequent appearances on Late Night with Dave Letterman and even a full-length movie. One of Super Dave's stunts found him on a baseball field with Steve Garvey, attempting to hit a Dwight Gooden fastball while blindfolded. Good thing Super Dave wore proper safety equipment: 

Even though Einstein may not have been the greatest baseball player of all time, his baseball contributions will live on for a long time.