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Broadcaster Bob Uecker celebrated with the Brewers (again) after they swept the NLDS

The Brewers are on their way to the National League Championship Series after sweeping the Rockies in the NL Division Series, 3-0. The final score of Sunday's game was 6-0, and the team celebrated -- but not without some assistance from legendary broadcaster Bob Uecker.
Here's Uecker taking part in some of the libation celebrations and creating his own dance move:

And why not? The Brewers are currently riding an 11-game winning streak, which begs the question: Will ever lose? For now, however, the goggles and smiles prove the team has other things on its mind.
This isn't the first time Uecker participated in creating memories with the team. When the Brewers clinched their first postseason appearance since 2011 last week, he was at the center of it all -- he deserves to be there after spending nearly five decades with Milwaukee.