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Brad Miller homers into the Tropicana Field Touch Tank and sets a record in the process

With his 17th home run this season (16th as a shortstop), Brad Miller set a record for the most homers hit by a Rays shortstop, ever -- which is pretty cool, considering 2016 is Miller's first year with the team. But honestly, that wasn't even the coolest thing about Miller's solo dinger in the Rays' 5-3 win over the Yankees on Sunday.
No, the coolest thing about the home run was where it landed:

Hey, if you're going to break a Rays record, what better way to do it then in the most Rays way possible? We're sure the cownose rays enjoyed taking a swim with the record-setting baseball.
And at least the Tropicana Field catwalk showed mercy and didn't swallow this one up