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Dallas Braden spent his perfect game anniversary in one of the highest-possible upper-deck seats at an A's game

On May 9, 2010, lefty Dallas Braden pulled off a miraculous feat, throwing the second perfect game in A's franchise history -- one of the most impressive perfect games of them all.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Braden is now a broadcaster who spends many of his days at the Oakland Coliseum reporting from the fancy seats by the A's dugout. Oakland didn't televise its game against the Reds on Thursday afternoon, however, so Braden had some time to do something else, get away from the ballpark -- just kidding.

Because the man lives and breathes baseball, Braden took up residence in a seat in the very top corner of the upper deck in right field, one of the farthest seats possible from home plate. He had a pretty relaxing time, from the look of it:

... that is, until word spread of his occupying a seat in the stands like any regular Joe.

A true man of the people.

"I figured, what better way to spend an off-day than with a hot dog and a beer," explained Braden of his relaxing afternoon. "That's exactly how I imagine a quote-unquote 'off-day' should be. But when you've never worked a day in your life, it's hard to really call it an 'off-day,' so it's just another day at the ballpark for me. Hashtag #blessed."

Let's be honest, is there anywhere better to spend any kind of anniversary than at the ballpark? Didn't think so.