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Every ballpark concession staple, ranked

These days, every Major League ballpark has a whole host of outrageous menu items, and those custom concoctions tend to get all the love. There's good reason for that: It's hard to resist a churro stuck inside of a donut topped with ice cream, after all.

But what of the humble hot dog? The noble nachos? It seems like we've forgotten all about the beloved ballpark staples that serve as the backbone of any Major League game. Which is why we've gone ahead and ranked them: Every food item that you can reasonably assume to find at any stadium's concession stand, in ascending order of deliciousness.

They may not be as flashy as fried chicken in a cone, but where would baseball be without them?

12. Sunflower seeds

You're too close to your fellow fans to spit the shells out in a satisfying way, so all you're left with is a hassle.

11. Cotton candy

Sorry, adorable Mariners fan.

10. Hamburger

Serviceable, but nothing more.

9. Nachos

A lot of potential, but we're talking about the generic concession version here.

8. Cheeseburger

I'll be honest: This would be higher if it came with two pizzas attached.

7. Soft-serve in anything other than a commemorative plastic helmet

I mean ... sure, but why?

6. Cracker Jack

The most underrated concession option, a delightful blend of salty and sweet. Plus, prizes!

5. Chicken fingers

Really, every ballpark meal option is simply a vehicle for condiments, and none offer as much possibility -- ranch? honey mustard? soda? -- as a chicken finger.

4. Peanuts

A near-perfect snack on the merits, bumped up a couple spots by the satisfaction of getting to scatter your shells on the ground. Just watch out for Anthony Rizzo:

3. Hot dog

A classic for a reason -- preferably with ketchup and mustard, but I'm also willing to accept some diced onion.

2. Pretzel

Pro tip: As soon as you buy one, brush some of the salt off the top. You'll still get the flavor without being overpowered by it.

1. Soft-serve in a commemorative plastic helmet

Pass the rainbow sprinkles.