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Bradley Zimmer challenged The Freeze to a race, and the two battled on Twitter

It all started innocently enough. When Bradley Zimmer raced home to score the first run during the Indians' 5-1 victory against the Orioles on Wednesday, the team account tweeted that he could beat the Braves' superheroic racer, The Freeze, without a head start. 

From that tweet, the battle began. Naturally, The Freeze jumped in: 

When Zimmer heard about this, he knew what he had to do: Suggest a race. 

From there, it was off. Sure, they haven't raced in person yet, but they have done the next best thing: Online Photoshop battle. 
The Freeze placed Zimmer's face over the unfortunate Braves fan that ate warning track

Zimmer wouldn't go down that easily, though. He fired back strong: 

Will this be the end? Will the two ever square off for the most important race since Superman faced The Flash? We'll have to wait and see.