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Brandon Barnes created some epic artwork inspired by former teammate Nolan Arenado

Brandon Barnes is a man of many talents. Sure, most of us know of his baseball-playing abilities, but the man is an incredibly gifted artist as well. And recently, he displayed his artwork using a former teammate as his inspiration.
Barnes, who just signed a Minor League contract with the Indians, painted some graffiti art of Nolan Arenado. The image of the Rockies third baseman is one that seemed to stick with him throughout the season:

The paintings turned out amazing, which is what to expect from Barnes.
You see, not only is he impressive with paints, he can impress with ink as well -- the type you put on your body of course, even his own body.
"I actually did this myself," Barnes told's Thomas Harding in an interview a couple years back. "It says, 'Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.' I tattooed it on myself. My whole [left] wrist was all done by myself, and then my legs I did myself."
If Arenado at any time wants a more permanent reminder of that day, he knows just the right guy to call. Barnes himself said getting tattoos hurts, but not for that long.