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Brandon Finnegan fell off the mound on a pickoff attempt, but at least he could laugh about it

Spring Training might be winding down, but some players are still working out the kinks from the offseason. For example, take Reds pitcher Brandon Finnegan. He got the start on Saturday afternoon against the Padres, and after allowing a leadoff double in the third to Manuel Margot, he tested out a pickoff attempt.
To say it didn't go swimmingly would be an understatement: 

Thankfully, nothing bad happened on the play and Finnegan could just laugh about it after the game. "Second time that's happened," he said to's Mark Sheldon. "The problem was that the rubber today was that far off of the dirt. As soon as I turned around, my foot just caught and it was over with."
So, did Finnegan have any positives to take from the experience? Well, yeah. "I'm glad it happened here rather than a real game," he said. "At least I got the ball to second base."
He's right. Let's see other pitchers successfully make a pickoff throw to second while falling!