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Where others see getting tagged out, Brandon Phillips sees a high-five opportunity

Through all the fake hidden-ball tricks, all the impossibly smooth defensive gems, all the innovations in hat fashion, just one word encapsulates the career of Brandon Phillips: chill. Even his two-year-old son lives his life like he's relaxing at the beach.
So when Dat Dude tapped back to the pitcher during the Reds' 5-4 loss to the Braves on Tuesday night, he didn't see it as a disappointment. On the contrary -- it was a great opportunity to get to know Atlanta starter Tyrell Jenkins. And while Jenkins reached out to make the tag, Phillips gave him something far better in return: a high-five.

Congratulations, Tyrell. You have been blessed with a Brandon Phillips high-five, the eternal seal of swagdom. You can pick up your All-Swag Team membership card at the door.