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Watch Brandon Phillips try, but ultimately fail, at pulling off the hidden ball trick

The hidden ball trick is the play that every unathletic child dreams about. After all, you need to be strong and coordinated to hit a home run, make a diving catch or throw a blistering fastball. But the hidden ball trick? You just have to be silent and crafty. 
Brandon Phillips is athletic and talented (you don't play in the Majors for 16 years on tricks alone), but the veteran second baseman still took some time to try annd pull off the subterfuge in Friday's 2-0 victory over the Giants. And this time, viewers at home even got a step-by-step instruction. 
With the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth inning, the Atlanta infielders gathered around the mound. Wordlessly, and like he was reaching for the last slice of pizza, Phillips reached into Jaime García's glove for the ball. Perhaps a knowing glance filtered through the infielders as they realized: "Here we go. The trick is in play." 

Unfortunately for Phillips, though he was able to keep calm and get the tag on Eduardo Núñez, time had already been called. Better luck next time: