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Watch every second of Brewers Minor Leaguer Lucas Erceg's heads-up hidden-ball trick

(Clair, Michael)

The hidden-ball trick works because of the sheer number of stimuli at a ballgame. Focused on the count, the batter at the plate, the pitcher's pick-off motion and the shouts of the hot dog vendor down the first-base line fills up all that brain space until the runner has no idea where the ball is.
While we understand how a baserunner can fall prey to the hidden-ball trick, rarely do we see behind the curtain to how the fielder actually pulls off the trick. Thanks to the Carolina Mudcats, the Class A Advanced affiliate of the Brewers, and the team's third baseman, Lucas Erceg, we can see just how many things had to break just right. 
- The pitcher had to pick up on Erceg's silent cue after his fake toss. 
- The rest of the fielders either had to be so aware or so unaware, so they'd get back in position as if the ball was in the pitcher's glove. 
- The umpires had to ensure they didn't give anything away with their body language.
- Erceg had to keep the ball hidden on his person while appearing to be totally chill. 
Watch the play below and wonder how Erceg was able to manage his excitement knowing he was about to pull off the spectacular. 

Not content with creating one highlight-worthy oddity, Erceg later teamed up with shortstop Luis Aviles to play a little volleyball ... or something.