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Reliever Brandon Woodruff jogging in from the bullpen to start NLDS Game 1 looked a bit odd

For their National League Division Series opener with the Rockies on Thursday, the Brewers opted for a "bullpen game" -- with Brandon Woodruff acting as the team's "opener," before a host of relievers finished out the game. 
Anybody who watches a lot (or even a little) of baseball is used to the scene of the players rushing out of the dugout, led by the starting pitcher, as they all take their positions on the diamond and get ready to get to work. That's basically what it looked like at Miller Park, except that there was no pitcher to be found for a bit:

See? There's no pitcher on that mound. Where is he? Where's Woodruff?
Oh, he's jogging in from the bullpen beyond the outfield wall ... which is not something you see very often. Here he is passing the second-base bag, which is also not something you see in most games' early moments: 

Woodruff then held the Rockies hitless for the first three innings of the Brewers' eventual 3-2 win, doing quite well for himself as the latest "opener" this postseason. 
This is our "bullpen game" reality, everybody.