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The length of Nick Markakis' bobblehead's beard was a talking point for the Braves

Thursday night's game between the Mets and Braves at Turner Field was a big night, for it was Nick Markakis Bobblehead Night:

During the game, the Braves' broadcast booth discussed the mini-Markakis, airing a quick interview with the outfielder that was conducted prior to the game. As seen in the clip above, Markakis approved of his replica, though he had heard from peers that it looked more like teammate Ender Inciarte.
Another talking point, as brought up by correspondent/former pitcher Paul Byrd, concerned the length of the bobblehead's facial hair situation -- and how there was "a lot of controversy in the locker room over the beard."
Enter Chip Caray, who asked Byrd if this hot-button issue would have garnered as much discussion had the doll sported a beard like this:

There is a precedent for such a bobble-beard, as the Dodgers showed back in 2014 …

So maybe next time!