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Braves fans were treated to a postgame gig from the Chase d'Arnaud Band on Saturday

Just last month, Braves infielder Chase d'Arnaud flexed his musical chops with a set at Bonnaroo. No, really - the aptly named Chase d'Arnaud Band performed at the vaunted music festival.
For their next high-profile gig, d'Arnaud and his musical accomplices took the stage Saturday night after the Braves lost to the Rockies, 4-3, at Turner Field to deliver a set of country-tinged alt/rock, as filmed and shared to Twitter by FOX Sports South:

We've already seen d'Arnaud's penchant for guitar-plucking take shape in the form of off-day jam sessions with Jeff Francoeur, so this postgame gig on Saturday isn't much of a surprise. In fact, d'Arnaud's musical vision is so strong that the band's EP Seven Ghosts is up for streaming on its official website

So what makes a ballplayer as comfortable onstage as d'Arnaud apepared to be at Turner Field? Well, as he said prior to Saturday's game (and in the video atop this post), his producer Clayton Cages instilled in him the sensation of singing inside a baseball stadium. Naturally, then, the Torrance, Calif., native channeled that energy and imagined himself onstage at Angel Stadium. 
As he told's Pat James, though, baseball is definitely his top priority:
"It's this balancing act, and I can't ever make it seem like I'm putting more time into music than I am baseball, which I'm not," d'Arnaud said. "Baseball has a very demanding schedule, and I love it. And I love the music, too. So I'm just happy to be able to do both in the same day and entertain the baseball crowd with the music."
Seems like a pretty solid dual life d'Arnaud is leading these days ...