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The Braves' new concessions are a Choose Your Own Adventure in deliciousness

The Braves' new concession offerings at Turner Field for 2016 are basically a Choose Your Own Adventure for wondrous, over-the-top, absurdly satisfying ballpark foods. They've unveiled six items, each with its own daunting challenges and exhilarating rewards. And luckily for everyone headed to a Braves game this year, there is no wrong answer -- especially if you're a fan of things infused with other things. 
You might choose the new "Tater Tot Chop," which, as the team's press release describes, "starts with a layer of tater tots pressed in a waffle iron, loaded with bacon, melted cheese and jalapenos, topped with a second tater tot waffle and served with Coca-Cola infused ketchup."

Or do you want something that is more like "a foot-long hot dog layered with fries, chili, nacho chips, beer cheese and jalapeños, topped with popcorn, then drizzled with Coca-Cola infused BBQ sauce?" If so, then "T.E.D.," aka "The Everything Dog" is perfect for you:

But if you're holding out for something that sounds ominously mouth-watering, there is the "Punisher:"
"Country-fried smoked rib meat slathered in a Monster energy drink-infused BBQ sauce, topped with a fresh cut beer-battered onion and "slawsa" tucked in between a toasted and buttered Hawaiian bun and pinned in place with two slices of bacon"

If you can't decide between a burger or pizza, you don't have to -- just dive into the burgerizza: ""A grilled 20-oz. all-beef patty, covered with five slices of cheddar cheese, topped with crispy bacon, and served between two 8-inch Pepperoni Pizzas."

Take a break from the giant stuff and snack on the TOP-N-GO -- "Your choice of Fritos topped with chili and cheese sauce or Doritos topped with pulled pork, pulled chicken and cheese sauce." 

This post was originally posted on March 9, but has since been updated.