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Kris Bryant's historic 5-for-5 night sent baseballs 1,756 feet, taller than Chicago's Willis Tower

Kris Bryant had a record-breaking night in the Cubs' 11-8 win over the Reds on Monday. He went 5-for-5 with three home runs and two doubles -- becoming the first player in modern MLB history (since 1913) to do so in the same game. He also set a club record with 16 total bases. As Reds manager Bryan Price quipped after the game, "I hope to never see it again."

To break down things even further, we typed the distances of Bryant's five hits (403-foot HR, 201-foot double, 444-foot HR, 410-foot HR, 298-foot double) into Google and totaled them up to 1,756 feet. They also traveled at a combined 512.4 mph.

That seemed far and fast. How far and fast? Here are some things you could do with those numbers.

- Stacked up, the hits would be the sixth tallest building in the world in between One World Trade Center (1,776) and China's CTF Finance Centre (1,740). They would also be nearly a home run taller than Chicago's 1,451-foot Willis Tower


- Or three Washington Monuments combined with about 14 Shaqs

- That's also 19 basketball courts placed one after the other, 5 football fields, 878 Boomstick hot dogs and, in official baseball measurements, 324 Jose Altuves.

- Speedwise, it's the typical cruising speed of a Boeing 747, faster than the world's first supersonic car and equal to a normal Aroldis Chapman outing.


Bryant told's Cody Pace postgame:

"The first one I didn't hit it as good as the other four. But tonight is as good as you can hit the baseball in terms of, for me, at least, in terms of finding the barrel and putting the right swing on it. I just felt really, really good."

We're sure you did.