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Brewers coach Ed Sedar to give No. 6 uniform to Lorenzo Cain, might use '80' since it sounds like 'Eddie'

Brewers third-base coach Ed Sedar was still wearing his uniform No. 6 Sunday at the team's annual Fanfest, but he's about to make a change.
Sedar has agreed to give up the number to new Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain -- who finalized a five-year, $80 million contract to return to Milwaukee late last week. Cain's worn the number since 2011. 
Sedar and Cain have known each other for a long time: Back in 2005, Sedar was a Minor League manager and Cain was a raw prospect, so the banter was heavy when they talked about the swap at a team dinner on Saturday night. Cain said Sedar told him he planned to choose No. 80, partly because it would sound like fans yelling his number were saying "Eddie," but mostly so he could look down and remember how many millions of dollars Cain received in the process of wrestling it away.

But the truth was that Sedar had not fully decided on new digits yet.
"'Shawg' [Brewers equipment manager Jason Shawger] doesn't want me to pick anything out in case we have more acquisitions or someone else wants a new number," Sedar said. "But I said I'm going to pick as many new numbers as possible. That way, I might get to retire early."
Yes, coaches or players who give up a uniform number are often compensated in some way. Cain and Sedar were still working that out.
"I'm eventually going to have to do something nice for him, but we'll see what," Cain said. "He said he's thinking. I think I'm giving him too much time to think."
How about a World Series, Lorenzo? You have some experience with that.