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A Brewers fan dove into an empty row for a home run ball and danced a jig when he came up with it

Nabbing a ball hit for a home run is exciting for all kinds of people, even if they're not actually fans of the team that hit the dinger. This was the case on Thursday night, when the White Sox hosted the Twins.
In the top of the fourth inning, Logan Morrison connected for a two-run blast off Reynaldo López. The ball sailed into an empty row of seats, where a Brewers fan in a neon shirt went all-out for it:

It was quite the price to pay, but the fan eventually came up with the ball.
He was so excited that he broke out into a weird, Fortnite-inspired jig:

It looks like the neon-clad Yankees fan is no longer alone in this world. At least they're far apart.