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The Brewers cobbled together a Javy Baez baseball doll, and Baez got a kick out of it

Javy Baez has fun. The Cubs infielder dazzles basically everywhere he goes on the diamond, whether hitting, making great catches or sliding on the bases. 
Also fun? Teams putting their arts and crafts skills to the test during the game and cobbling together a miniature likeness of their peers. We've seen that a few times this season, almost exclusively done by various members of the Indians about their teammates -- but Friday's Brewers-Cubs game showed that this new trend has gone national.
Some Brewers were struck with a moment of creativity and used it to assemble a mini-Baez -- much to the amusement of Baez, who reacted to it while perched in the infield during the game: 

Potentially distracting? Probably. A whole lot of fun? Most definitely. 
"They were having fun," Baez explained to's Carrie Muskat after the game. "I know them pretty well. They were making fun of my hair."
Though he tried to get a good look at the doll during the game, Baez had to make a special effort to get a solid glimpse: 
"They were trying to show it to me and I couldn't see it from shortstop. Between innings, I came inside and saw it [on TV]. It was really funny."